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April 14, 2009
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Earth Day 2009- Poster design by VivzMind Earth Day 2009- Poster design by VivzMind
School Project/ Contest! i had to design an "Earth Day" poster, i was alot of fun, coloring done with Mouse :heart: if it wins it will be put up all around my city 8DDDD an if i win in just my school, i get 20 bucks to the movies <333 wish me luck xDDD

xDDD can you guess those two kids? =3
they are a younger version of Human Kayla and Zill, i slipped them in as an inside joke xDD tho i had to alter Zill's colors to make him more like a "Real Boy" xDDDDD

EDIT: OMFG Ok when i get to school and get ready to show this to my teacher/print it, my friend goes, "Whats Firefox doing in yer poster? thats cheating!" XDD he proceeded to bother me by commenting blatantly obnoxious things about it xDD also a senior in my class compared my style to "a Bug's Life" 0____-
........ *sigh* also my teacher thought it would look better vertical instead of horizontal, i like em both, tho fer this project i think she was right, the vertical one looks better ^^ if i win ill submitt that one, its the same image, just more centered on the "earth tree" and the "youth" xDD

Poster/Design/Art(c) ME!
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selina Aug 9, 2009
Congratulations! You've been featured in the :earth:"Environmental Awareness and Green Living" Art Feature:earth:: [link]

Don't forget to +fav it if you like, to get more exposure :)

Great job and well done! :star:
VivzMind Aug 9, 2009  Student Filmographer
OH My GOSH! Thank you! :D
Caffinator Apr 24, 2009
Now that's incredible!
I hope you do win!
:heart: :earth: :heart: :earth: :heart: :earth: :heart: :earth:
We hope you don't mind,
but you've been featured
in our club's journal [link]
in celebration of Earth Day :love:
:iconballoonsplz: :iconchickendanceplz: :iconballoonplz:
VivzMind Apr 22, 2009  Student Filmographer
OMFG AWESOME!!! No i dont mind at all!! its an honor!! thankyou!!
fudgymaniac Apr 19, 2009
Firefox? o-o Wouldn't have thought of it if you haven't mentioned.
And this looks amaaazing. :) I didn't even know it was Earth day. Good luck, those teachers are way too harsh if you ask me D:
VivzMind Apr 19, 2009  Student Filmographer
OoOoOoO- Nice! It would be so awesome if that got put up 'round dah city! :3 Hope you win! *knows you will*
VivzMind Apr 16, 2009  Student Filmographer
aWwwwWWW thanks! <333
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